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Droxford Junior School


After School Clubs and residentials

We believe that offering a broad and balanced curriculum is vital for well-rounded child development. Our enrichment curriculum not only includes out of school activities, workshops and residentials, but also after school clubs.  We are proud to offer a range of activities that support our enrichment philosophy.  For more information on after school clubs and residential, see the Parents and Curriculum 'tabs' for more information.

If you need any further information, or if you have any club queries, however small, please email Duncan Banham at

STEM Club:  The Drox

The Drox is our very own electric race car that we have raced regularly for over 10 race seasons now.  We compete in two events a year: one at HMS Excellent (Portsmouth) and the second, a prestigious event at the world famous Goodwood Racetrack.

COVID has meant we haven't raced for two years but we are now back racing again in 2023.  

The team compromises Year 5 children and their parents.  Safety sessions are set up at school after an initial presentation led by the Headteacher.  Roles and responsibilities are agreed and The Drox race team run the enrichment club themselves.  Mr Dampier liaises with team at all time and the team is fully funded by sponsorship gained by the children.

For more information see the last letters and PPT from the previous team, below.

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