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Droxford Junior School

YR 5 + 6 - Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - April 23rd 2024

As part of our History topic in the Summer Term the children will be learning about the history of seafaring with a focus on 4 ships throughout the centuries: The Mary Rose, The Warrior, Shackleton’s Endurance and a Landing craft used in the D-Day landings. 

To further enhance their learning experience, we are visiting two of these ships at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.   After consultation with the dockyard’s education team, we have planned an exciting and stimulating program for the day.  This has been carefully tailored to offer the children a valuable opportunity to develop their understanding of how life on board these ships changed throughout the centuries.  The children will also be guided around the dockyard undertaking tasks which will be enjoyable and consolidate their learning at school.