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Droxford Junior School

Skills for Learning, Vision, Values & Aims

Our children will be taught and encouraged to use their ‘Skills for Learning’ every day.  We feel that these positive characteristics and habits of mind are not only important to display now but also in secondary school and vital in later lives and careers.  They are all essential components to overcome any challenge life can pose and will help shape independent thinking.

To be Tenacious: is being resilient; to persevere; showing grit and determination and being positive in times of adversity.  Tenacity helps with problem solving and overcoming challenges – physical and mental.  Tenacious people share their tenacious spirit. 

Being Creative:  helps to solve problems and ensure we know there is more than one way to do this; creativity is personal and individual; is literal (linked to the arts) and can be about invention and enterprise.  Creative people are resourceful and can share this resourcefulness. 

Being Curious is very important; when we are inquisitive and testing new theories; it is about asking questions to find new learning; is about discovery; being open-minded and positive and being courageous – understanding new learning comes from mistakes. Curiosity is about being proactive not passive!

Finally, Collaboration is about teamwork and communication skills; working with a variety of teams and individuals in and out of school including parents, governors and members of the wider community.  Collaboration can happen in school or out.  Collaboration takes place on school trips and all these ‘Skills for Learning’ will be used on residentials!



We consciously decided the we wanted a set of Aims that demonstrated our principles and ethos in the school. These Aims are for all people: children and adults.

These provide greater explanation to our core purpose and the tangible link between achieving our Vision and the meaningful connection between our Values, Skills for Learning’, Curriculum, positive behaviour management strategies and life in our school.

If we are successful with teaching the ‘Skills for Learning’; if the school Values are successfully instilled; if children can self-regulate their behaviour (positively in terms of attitudes to their learning and other people) and we achieve our school Aims then we will achieve this Vision.

‘Equipping our children with the knowledge and skills to navigate life successfully.’

We aim …

  • For our children to be happy, have fun and enjoy school.
  • To motivate and inspire children to enjoy learning and face all challenges with confidence and maturity.
  • To provide a school environment where children and adults feel safe and secure.
  • To provide children with curriculum experiences that enables them to make appropriate decisions and keep themselves safe.
  • To deliver a meaningful (contextual) and well planned curriculum which offers enrichment and challenge and is led by knowledgeable subject leaders.
  • To provide the highest of expectations for teaching, learning and outcomes.
  • To provide opportunities for all children to participate in outdoor learning including a physically active and healthy curriculum.
  • For our children to establish positive mindsets within a supportive environment where failure leads to success and new learning.
  • To provide strategies for children to independently overcome various challenges by teaching our ‘Skills for Learning’ in order to be successful now and in their future lives.