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Droxford Junior School


The children say that ‘Kindness’ is…

  • “Helping adults”
  • “Doing something without expecting something in return”
  • “Doing something kind for yourself”
  • “Doing something to make someone happy – compliment – be helpful”
  • “An act which makes someone happy”
  • “Tidy up yours or someone else’s things”
  • “Help someone when hurt or upset”
  • “Not judging people”
  • “Say hello or good morning”
  • “Treating everyone fairly”
  • “Help someone be a good friend / buddy”
  • “Hold a door open”
  • “For not just one but many people”
  • “Letting someone else join in”
  • “Compliment someone”
  • “Playing by the rules”
  • “Telling the truth”
  • “Being honest with everyone including yourself”
  • “Take a small part of your day to help someone else”

 We discussed the school Value of ‘Kindness’ in assembly in the same way as we do with all our Values and ‘Skills for Learni ng’.  These are the words of the children